Location: Black Rock RV Park behind Clubhouse
Tu, Sa 11:00 AM O D

Location: Bullhead City Alano Club 384 Marina Blvd 928-763-5105
Marina Group:
Su-Sa 7:00 AM Attitude Adjustment O D
Su-Sa Noon Brown Bag O D
M We F Sa Su 6:00 PM O D
Tu 6:00 PM 12 & 12 T
Th 6:00 PM Big Book BB
Last Saturday 6:00 PM Pot Luck
Last Saturday 7:00 PM Spkr Meeting O S
M 7:30 PM Night Meeting O D

Location: Episcopal Church 580 Hancock Rd
We 7:30 PM Wed Nite Men’s Stag C M D
F 11:00 AM Three Legacies C D

Location: Chaparral Golf Course 1260 E. Mohave Dr
M 6:30 PM Bullheads Women’s Group of AA D
Sa 6:00 PM Sober On The Mount BB Sa 6:00
Location: Hope Methodist Church 1325 Ramar Rd.
7:00 PM Surrender Group OD

Location: St. Johns Lutheran Church 1664 Central Ave
F 7:30 PM Friday Nite Live S O D

Location: Methodist Church 1593 Lipan Blvd and Hwy 95
We 7:00 PM Cone Mtn Newcomers Grp BBT N
Tu 7:00 PM Candy Mtg/Ft. Mohave Group O D
Th 7:00 PM Top of the Hill Group B B

Location Community Center
W 6:00 PM OD

Location: Kingman Christian Church 2820 Gordon Dr Contact 928-303-3850
M F 7:00 AM Drunken Donuts BB (Fri TR)
W 7:00 AM As Bill Sees It
Location: 212 N. First St. 855-727-7486
M T W TH 5:30 AM Earlier Birds O D
Su-Sa 9:00 AM Read and Talk Group O D
Su-Sa 12:00 PM Lunch Bunch Group OD
M-Sa 5:30 PM Happy Hour Group O D
Su 5:30 PM Happy Hour Group BB
SA 3:00 PM Woman in Recovery O W
W-Fr 8:00 PM Alkys Only Group C
TH 8:00 PM Pass It On Group O D
T 8:00 PM AA Comes of Age O

Location: Cornerstone Mission 3049 Sycarmore ST
F 7:00 PM Turning Point O BB

Location: Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) 3269 Stockton Hill Rd - 928-757-2101
M 3:00 PM Primary Purpose Group O B B
Ocotillo Room
Sa 7:00 PM Saturday Night Group O D
Ocotillo Room
Sa Noon Language of the Heart C D
Ocotillo Room
We, F 8:00PM Alky’s Only C BB
Su 7:00 PM Sunday Nite Speakers O S
Mohave Rm

Location: Golden Shores Community Center 13136 Golden Shores Pkwy South Entrance
SU M Th 6:00 PM As Good As It Gets O D

Location: Fire Station
F 6:00 PM Talking Feathers O D
Golden Valley
Location: Land Owners Bldg. Birdie & Hwy 68
M 7:00 PM Potluck Meeting O D Potluck 1st Monday of the Month starts at 6PM

Location: Lake Havasu Fellowship Hall 75 Capri Lane
For information call: 877-652-9005
Sun Group:
Su-Sa 7:00 AM O D
Su-Sa Noon O D
Su 9:00 AM & Noon Newcomers O D
Su 5:30PM Steps & Traditions T TR
Su 7:00PM O D
M 5:30 PM Men’s C D M
7:00 PM Women’s C D W
Tu 8:30 AM Women’s Big Book O BB W
5:30 PM O D
7:00 PM C D
We Noon Steps & Traditions O T TR
5:30 PM Big Book O BB
7:00 PM O D
Th 9:00AM Women’s O T TR W
5:30 PM O D
7:00 PM Big Book O BB
F Noon Big Book C BB
F 5:30 PM O D
F 7:00 PM O D
F 9:00 PM O D
Sa 7:00 PM Speaker O D
Sa 9:00 PM O D
LHC Fellowship Hall 75 Capri Lane Ste. B
W 5:30 PM Steps & Traditions T TR
F 7:00 PM Couples in Sobriety O D
Sa 10:00 AM 4 Horsemen C M D

Lake Havasu Alano Club Location: 2041 Swanson Ave 928-453-5305
Tu W F 6:30 AM O D
M 6:30 AM 12X12 Study T
Th 6:30 AM Big Book Study BB
F 9:00 AM O D
Sa 7:00 AM O D
Su 7:00 PM Back to Basics (Upstairs) T
Tu 7PM Share Group (Upstairs) O D
M We Th Noon O D
We 5:30 PM Putt’n Sober O D
M 7:00 PM C D

Location: Lake Havasu Reg Med Ctr
Su 10:00 AM Rule 62 O D

Location: 2060 W Acoma
Our House Group:
Sa – Su 7:00 AM O D
Th 7:00 AM Eleventh Step Meeting O D
Sa – Su 12 Noon O D
Fr 12 Noon Big Book Study B B
Sa – Su 5:00 PM O D
Wed 5:00 PM Big Book Study B B
Fr 5:00 PM Pizza Meeting O D
***We 7:00 PM Womens Meeting W

Location: Site 6 on Island
Th 6:00 PM Potluck & 7 PM Campfire Mtg OD

Location: Parker Grace Assembly Church 1871 S. Navajo Ave
Working Toward Serenity:
Su 3:30 PM T TR
T 6:00 PM T TR
We 10:00 AM 12X12 T D
Th 2:00 PM As Bill Sees It W
Sa 10:00 AM Men’s Big Book BB

Location: Christ Church on River 9098 Riverside Dr
Up The River without a Paddle Group:
M 7:00 PM Big Book BB
Th 7:00 PM Discussion O D
***F 7:00 PM Discussion O D 3rd Friday Speaker

Location: The Healing House 940 Hualipai Way
We 2:00 PM OD
Fr 1:00 PM OD

Gloria: 316-617-1877
Location: 375 E. Sunrise
Local Survivor Group:
M Th Sa 5:30 PM O D
We 10 AM Women’s Winter Only O D
F 5:30PM Speaker Meeting
Don 907-440-6419
Location: 205 W. Main St.
Tu & F 10:00 AM Snowbirds AA Mtg O D
Tu & F 5:30 PM Snowbirds AA Mtg O D

Location: VFW Hall
We 7:00 PM Salome OutBack Meeting O D

M 7:00 PM Valley Vista Church O D

Location: Library
Th 7:00 PM Pathfinders Group O D



Location: 137 ½ W Hobson Wy
M F 7:00 PM O D

Location: Metcalf Recovery Ranch -
9268 18TH Ave
M Sa 7:00 PM O D
We 7:00 PM Speaker O S

Location: Todd Park
M Sa Noon O D
Su 1:00 PM O D

Location: Church of the Nazarene –
131 N 2nd St
We 4:00 PM O D

Location: Needles Alano Club 801 Third St
Mike: 928-444-0383 or (800) 864-1606
(Needles Alano Club meets on AZ time)
Needles Desert Group:
M 7:00 PM Big Book Study O BB
Tu 7:00 PM Friends of Bill W O D
We 7:00 PM 12 & 12 Study O SS
Th 7:00 PM Candlelight Meeting O D
F 7:00 PM Take It or Leave It O D
Sa 7:00 PM Keep Coming Back O D
Su 10:00 AM Sunday Spiritual O D
Last Friday 5:30 PM Potluck Speaker Meeting O S



Location: Riverside Casino 2nd floor -
1650 S Casino Dr 800-227-3849
(All meetings are 90 minutes)
Laughlin Group:
M TU We TH 2:00 – 3:30 PM O D
Su Noon – 1:30 PM O D
1st Sat of the Month Noon – 1:30 Speaker O S
F 7:00 – 8:30 PM Friends of Bill W. O D

Location: 815 Hwy 95
We 8:00 PM Community Church O D
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Subscribe to our enewsletters and events


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Meeting Legend

BB - Big Book
C - Closed
CF - Correctional Facility
D - Discussion
M - Men
N - Newcomer
O - Open
S - Speaker
T - Steps
TD - Topic Discussion
TR - Traditions
W - Women                        

Week Day Abbreviations: Su, M, Tu, We, Th, F, Sa

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Local times are listed. Nevada uses Daylight Savings Time, Arizona does not.
***Needles, California Uses Arizona Time***

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